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Wilkinson Center Map

Businesses are closed from 10:45 AM to 12 PM every Tuesday for devotional.

First Floor

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Second Floor

Wilk Floors

Third Floor

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Fourth Floor

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Y Mountain

Fifth Floor

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Y Mountain

Sixth Floor

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Y Mountain

Counseling and Psychological Services (1500)

Provides professional psychological counseling to students and BYU staff. Log in with your BYU ID to make an appointment. Last appointment at 4pm. Monday-Friday. Walk-ins from 10-3. Urgent or crisis situations.

Lost and Found (1131)

Oh no! You lost your coat. Come see if it's been picked up for you!

Cougar Creations (1010)

Working on a project that requires some special skills? Come here for all of your copy needs! Services include spiral-bound books, large print projects, scans, stickers, and more!

Studio 1030

The salon that addresses all of your skin, hair, and nail needs. Superior customer service and affordable prices. Make an appointment today through our website.

ID Center (1057)

The ID Center will issue you a student ID which allows you to check out books and use cougar cash on campus. In order for your picture to be taken please adhere strictly to the BYU’s dress and grooming standards.

Docks (1190)

Mens Bathroom 1 (First Floor)(1406)

Womens Bathroom 1 First Floor)(1402)

Mens Bathroom 2 (First Floor)(1187)

Womens Bathroom 2 (First Floor)(1183A)

Mens Bathroom 3 (First Floor)(1945)

Womens Bathroom 3 (First Floor)(1961A)

Mens Bathroom 1 (Second Floor)(2610)

Womens Bathroom 1 (Second Floor)(2624)

Mens Bathroom 2 (Second Floor)(2060A)

Womens Bathroom 2 (Second Floor)(2080)

Mens Bathroom 3 (Second Floor)(2153)

Womens Bathroom 3 (Second Floor)(2157)

Mens Bathroom 1 (Third Floor)(3360)

Womens Bathroom 1 (Third Floor)(3364)

Mens Bathroom 2 (Third Floor)(3204)

Womens Bathroom 2 (Third Floor)(3212)

Mens Bathroom (Fourth Floor)(4407)

Womens Bathroom (Fourth Floor)(4409)

Mens Bathroom (Fifth Floor)(5558)

Womens Bathroom (Fifth Floor)(5560)

Mens Bathroom (Sixth Floor)(6624)

Womens Bathroom (Sixth Floor)(6630)

Chaplin (3490)

Conference Rooms (3200-3290/3380)

Conference Rooms (5519-5531)

Elevator 1 (First Floor)(1601)

Elevator 2 (First Floor)(1313)

Elevator 3 (First Floor)(1964)

Elevator 1 (Second Floor)(2601)

Elevator 2 (Second Floor)(2201)

Elevator 3 (Second Floor)(2973)

Elevator 1 (Third Floor)(3630)

Elevator 2 (Third Floor)(3207)

Elevator (Fourth Floor)(4402)

Elevator (Fifth Floor)(5556)

Elevator (Sixth Floor)(6602)

Elevators (First Floor)

Elevators (Second Floor)

Elevators (Third Floor)

Elevators (Fourth Floor)

Elevators (Fifth Floor)

Elevators (Sixth Floor)

Title IX (1085)

The Title IX office strives to be a private, safe place dedicated to reporting incidents involving honor code violations, particularly sexual assault. No appointment necessary. To contact an advocate, contact Lisa Leavitt at 801-422-9071 advocate@byu.edu. For additional contact information visit our website.

Multicultural Student Center (1320)

A multicultural hub built around the idea of creating an enriching environment at BYU. Provides educational advisement, financial assistance, and college preparation to current and incoming national and international students. Also provides cultural enrichment opportunities and activities for students to learn about their own and other cultures.

International Student Services (1351)

Provides legal information, employment opportunities, and academic advisement for all International Students.

Bowling & Games Center (1171)

Great for small or large gatherings with family and friends, the Bowling and Games Center provides everything you need for a fun night out: food, bowling, and arcade games! Follow the link to find pricing and additional information.

Click here to see the bowling hours.

The Wall (1151)

Come check out this great hangout spot with food and music. Open Mic Night is every Tuesday evening, and other events are hosted throughout the week. Visit our website to find specific hours for each day as well as other great events!

Traditions Lounge (1121)

There are two pool tables and two ping pong tables in the WSC Traditions Lounge. Equipment for these tables may be checked out from the Bowling and Games Center with a BYU ID.

Post Office (1944)

Send a package or a letter home, and you don't even have to leave campus! MTC dropbox available for same-day delivery.

Distribution Center (1974)

The Den (1011)

Chill place that’s great for group projects or just to hangout with friends. We’ve got some great vending machines, too! Vending machines, microwave, couches, tables. Colorful artwork presenting mottos of BYU.

BYU Store (1900)

The BYU Store has literally everything you need to survive on campus! Visit to find BYU merchandise, food, books, school supplies, and more!

BYU Store (2900)

The BYU Store has literally everything you need to survive on campus! Visit to find BYU merchandise, food, books, school supplies, and more!

Cougareat (2690)

Hungry? Come to the Cougareat for a yummy meal! We’ve got everything from old favorites like Taco Bell and Chick-fil-a, to an original menu at the Scoreboard Grill!

Wilkinson Terrace (2620)

Social hub where you can meet new people, advertise your clubs, or organize events. If you need to schedule a booth contact BYU Scheduling.

University Advisement Center (2500)

Meet with academic advisors to help you with your major, schedule, and graduation plans.

University Career Services (2400)

The Academic Success Center provides students with one-on-one peer mentoring on a variety of topics, including stress management and test prep. They also house the University Career Services center, which provides free services such as resume reviews, mock interviews, and career exploration. Walk-ins welcome for all services except the mock interview.

BYU Student Employment (2024)

Hundreds of close on-campus jobs at your fingertips. Come visit us for details to find out how to apply your skill and find a job you’ll love!

Varsity Theater (2030)

A great place to see films with family and friends at a discounted price! You can also schedule the theater for events through BYU Scheduling.

Jamba Juice (2040)

Famous for delicious smoothies and other fruity treats. Healthy and affordable!

Reflection Room (2099)

A peaceful reflection room dedicated to those who gave their lives for their country. Quiet space where you can find peace, reflection, and reverence.

Center for Service and Learning (Y–Serve)(2330)

Need a tutor or want to become one? Looking for service clubs and opportunities? Y-Serve is the place for you!

Center for Service and Learning (Y–Serve)(2010)

Need a tutor or want to become one? Looking for service clubs and opportunities? Y-Serve is the place for you!

Garden Court (2050)

The Garden Court is perfect for hosting formal on-campus dinners and events. Call BYU Campus Scheduling to book the Garden Court today. Follow the above link to find additional information on scheduling the Garden Court for events.

University Accessibility Center (2170)

The University Accessibility Center ensures that all those who have special accessibility needs are provided for in every way. Please contact us today at uacfrontdesk@byu.edu or visit our website if you have questions about this might affect you

Information Center (2300)

This should be your first stop if you are new to the Wilkinson Center and have a question! Provides detailed information on the Wilkinson Center services.

Ballroom (2130)

The Ballroom hosts a variety of events, including concerts, firesides, and banquets! Call BYU Campus Scheduling to reserve the Ballroom today!

Twilight Zone (2980)

BYU Store (3950)

The BYU Store has literally everything you need to survive on campus! Visit to find BYU merchandise, food, books, school supplies, and more!

CougarTech (3951B)

Excellent computer repair shop that works on Apple and PC Computers, as well as any Apple iOS device and Beats headphones. Provides hardware upgrades and repairs, as well as data backup and recovery. Follow the website link for additional service information. Stop on by for friendly service and a quick turnaround time!

Little Theater (3380)

Dean of Students (3500)

The Dean of Students addresses student development needs and administrative details. Available for student consultation, mediation, and problem-solving. Appointment required to meet with the Dean.

Student Leadership (3400-3496)

Looking for a way to get involved helping your fellow students on campus? Student Leadership offers various service and leadership opportunities for all students!

Campus Scheduling & Guest Services (3375)

Women’s Services and Resources (3326)

BYU Women’s Services and Resources is oriented to assure the success of all women at BYU, enabling them with exceptional resources to help them excel in all aspects of their BYU experience. E-mail us at wsr@byu.edu or visit our website with questions or info on how to get involved!

Pre Professional Advisement Center (3328)

Thinking about becoming a doctor or a lawyer? Stop by to ask questions and get some professional advice in your potential professional field.

Emergency Medical Services (3234)

BYU EMS provides rapid emergency relief to BYU students. They also provide service and volunteer opportunities. This is also the source for more information about BYU’s EMT certification courses.

Third Floor Lounge

This is a great place to study!

BYU Center for Conflict Resolution (4412)

Using mediation, the Center for Conflict Resolution aims to help students and any other involved parties peacefully resolve conflict. Appointments are recommended, but not necessary.

Honor Code Offices (4450)

Helps with all honor code related questions and concerns. Also manages ecclesiastical endorsements.

Student Life Technology (4440)

Friendly tech help for any help you might need on campus. Please visit OIT’s website for more help with on-campus technical help.

Catering Office (5562)

Skyroom (6600)

First Floor Accessible Entrances

Second Floor Non-Accessible Entrances

Second Floor Accessible Entrances

Second Floor Entrances